Great Berwick Organics

100% organic grass-fed British Longhorn beef

What’s on offer?

5-week dry-aged Longhorn beef fed on an organic grass-fed diet

  • Mixed boxes
  • Longhorn steaks
  • Roasting joints
  • Slow cook beef
  • Longhorn pies
  • Condiments


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Good to know

Hundreds of years ago farmers bred cattle to be easy to handle, hardy and to pull the plough. Now in the 21st Century, these traits help produce some of the best beef in the world.  Longhorns have a quiet, gentle nature which produces relaxed meat.  Their hardiness is ideal for converting grass into meat and their strength (now not needed!) produces the marbling.

In their own words

The herd at Great Berwick produces 100% pedigree Longhorn beef. The calves spend their first year suckling their mothers before being weaned off just before she is expecting her next calf.  The yearlings then grow on naturally and are taken to finish between 26 and 30 months. We believe that the lifestyle of the animal has a crucial effect on the quality of the end product, hence the care and attention we give to rearing our cattle.  Each and every animal on the farm has a relaxed, stress free life, grazing the meadows alongside the River Severn which have been enriched by thousands of years of flooding. The flooding leaves fertile deposits full of trace elements, which alongside a clover rich grass diet is converted into delicious tasting beef.  Our philosophy is that cows should eat what they’re designed to eat and that’s grass!


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