The way we shop for our groceries has changed. For many, the traditional weekly shop has morphed into: a fruit and veg box subscription, a meat box delivery, a general one for groceries and a mid-week top-up using an ever-growing list of apps that deliver your groceries in ten minutes, or less.

Suppliers, who previously only catered to restaurants, and other wholesale buyers, found themselves in a quandary and opened up to households—each one in a position to highlight their unique service proposition—whether it be speed of delivery (by bike), being an advocate of slow-food, or organic products straight to your door.

This creation of new supply-chains focused on household deliveries has unleashed a myriad of opportunities for consumers. A simple search for meat boxes/veg boxes/whatever else produces a list of individual suppliers, curated suppliers from magazine articles and deals.

Our aim with Weekly Shop is simple, create a directory which goes some way in highlighting what’s available and curating your list based on your preferences.

Planning the weekly shop